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Bloch-McConnell Simulation & Fit

Here you find a Bloch-McConnell simulation introduced in the publications

It was initially based on the code provided by Shanrong Zhang published in Woessner, Zhang, Merritt and Sherry: Numerical solution of the Bloch equations provides insights into the optimum design of PARACEST agents for MRI, MRM 2005. It was extended for multiple pools, including semi-solid MT, and also extended for pulsed RF saturation.

Dowload zipped Matlab implementations here or find the package on


Bloch McConnell simulation multi-Z-spectra fit

This code allows for simulation of BM system upon RF presaturation

  • multiple pools possible (water, 5 CEST, 1 semisolid MT)
  • trains RF pulses with arbitratry pulse shapes possible (gauss, sinc, spin-lock already implemented)
  • both analytical (if possible) and full numerical simulation possible
  • transient and steady-state possible
  • first order readout schemes possible
  • Both full Z-spectra and single offset evaluation possible
  • Ready for multi parameter simulations

Read more about usage on github in BM_Documentation.docx and BM_tutorial.pptx


This code was created by Moritz Zaiss based on the cw BM simulation and fit code of Shanrong Zhang. A revised version was created with the help of Patrick Schuenke, Christian Meyer, Christian David and Volkert Roeloffs.

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